Economic Diversification
and Investment Promotion

Diversification of assets is often the key to success…

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Global Economic Diversification

The EDI Group understands how to penetrate new markets, attract partners and build new business relationships. EDI  Group solutions help firms, associations and governments  maximize today’s strengths to take advantage of tomorrow’s growth opportunities.

Economic and Market Analysis

The EDI Group can provide the high-level analysis essential for investors and policy makers alike. From sector and market studies, to evaluations of institutional capacity and policy, EDI understands – and can explain – where opportunities exist.

Capacity Building for Firms, Investment Promotion Agencies or Associations

EDI’s Directors have extensive experience designing and delivering capacity building programs aimed at business growth. EDI has assisted firms making the jump to franchising, associations increasing membership and IPAs working to increase visibility.

Marketing and Public Relations

Marketing is a key component in any attempt to develop new sectors and/or attract new investors, partners, and customers. The EDI Group has successfully developed programs for industries including high-tech, tourism, retail, manufacturing, and franchising.

Matchmaking, Representation and Deal Structuring

With a wide-range of contacts in business, government and other sectors, plus extensive negotiating experience in all stages of the contract process, EDI can help clients find investors and/or partners, structure agreements and “get the deal done”.

Institutional and Policy Reform Assistance

EDI Directors have experience working with governments and corporations at the highest levels, designing programs and policies to enhance business expansion. EDI has helped countries diversify, improve their business climate and foster growth.