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Economic Development Initiatives, LLC

The EDI Group is a boutique firm that works with individual entrepreneurs, public and private organizations, and institutions to confront the ‘law of unintended consequences'. Our worldwide network of industry experts, development professionals, corporate executives, government and military leaders, and researchers provide customized guidance so clients have greater control over their futures.Meeting of International businessmen

EDI achieves results by integrating with clients to help them build ‘real-world’ answers to the operational, economic, and development challenges of today and tomorrow. Working as a ‘trusted advisor’, EDI provides leadership, assistance, mentoring, and oversight to business and franchise ventures, institutional and organizational transitions, and investment groups as they navigate in an increasingly complex environment.

The EDI Approach

The EDI approach combines the essentials of leadership, decision-making, and strategic development -- innovation, planning, and implementation -- to identify answers and new opportunities. We believe that inclusive development and business principles of individual and organizational responsibility, accountability, and authority are critical elements of this process. EDI respects and values its clients, and chooses them carefully in order to provide each with the kind of customized approaches and special attention that best meets their needs. Building upon a solid foundation of ground-level experience and knowledge, EDI experts work as an integral part of the client’s team, providing non-traditional paths to deal with the economic, political, and societal connectivity in the world of today, yet with a lens on tomorrow.